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[Scruples] Dressed to the “nines”

Scruples question card

Scruples is a party game where, in theory, you test the morality of your friends. This is done through question cards, and three answer cards per player with “Yes”, “No”, and “Depends” on them. A typical question would ask, “You discover that your neighbour has a mistress. Do you tell his wife?” Obviously, I would, …

[Millennium Blades] Go Flip Yourself, Danny

Millennium Blades is, far and away, the most expensive game I own. It cost me £70 including postage, with no Kickstarter bonuses, because I can be impulsive too and I couldn’t wait 6 months for the next printing. On the plus side, here’s a session report. It’s a ‘CCG simulator’, meaning it’s like being the …

[Cosmic Encounter] Nobody wins!

Edge wear is love

In Cosmic Encounter, you can choose to fight or negotiate. There’s a bit of a prisoner’s dilemma, because you could both informally say you’ll negotiate and then BAM someone betrays and all of a sudden one player is much more dead. In our game last night, someone (possibly me) had demonstrated that no-one could be …

[[redacted]] First 4 player game was a blast

Trying not to duck-face

We played [redacted] at a group with the board game designer coincidentally in attendance. He seemed thrilled we had it. It’s a team game where you’re spies, and there are other spies, and you all run around a multi-storey building trying to fly away with the intel card or bomb the other team’s helicopter. My experience …