[Dead of Winter] If zombies were this cute the apocalypse would be ok

I made a Lego overhaul for my Dead of Winter set. This isn’t the first time these have been on the internet; but it’s good to get them up here and there’s a lot of people who still haven’t seen it.

Look! A lovely hoard of zombies, ready to invade the board. But that’s not the complex bit of doing this…

Dead of Winter Lego

Human characters! They have to match their cards as closely as possible to work. So, I did my best!

Fun fact: I had a dog called Sparky when I was growing up. He could not be equipped with guns.

Many have new arms etc, such as the scientist here whose torso was just too perfect.

Total expenditure for me was about £40 extra, mostly on 30 zombie heads. If you weren’t a Lego fan… 60 custom figs would easily cost £120+.

Closer look at those cuddly zombies. The pimp up front is from set 5984, Brick Daddy’s Pimpmobile. Wait, I don’t think it was actually called that…

As they look in-game! It is so freaking satisfying moving around these guys on their little stands, it totally ruins gaming with cardboard for you.

As they look in a different game!

Zombies trying to get dinner, while Sparky the Stunt Dog does what Sparky does.