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[Avalon] Saw an excellent play, and almost saw through it too – 🐙 Octopus Tactics

[Avalon] Saw an excellent play, and almost saw through it too

Not actual cards from game (sorry!), add another spy and good guy.

Played a really interesting Avalon game yesterday, and thought it might be worth the write-up. I was a generic good guy, yet still I had my chance to save the day…

We had Percival and Morgana, meaning Percival has two options for who might be Merlin but isn’t sure which is which.

So, Mission 4, 10 players, Merlin had been very quiet and the score was 2-1 in favour of the bad guys. It requires two spies to fail the fourth mission, so one spy could easily sneak through and succeed only to fail if we put them on the final mission.

So, the mission had 5 people on, most relevant to this story were Andy, Lovkush, and Clem. Two of us were good as gold, these three were a little uncertain but our best bet for now.

Now, for context, it was Clem’s second game. She had made a couple of odd votes or selections, but our vague roundabout logic put her in the category of “hopefully good”.

We went. We found the Golden Galleon. We conquered. Our mission results were in;

Success, success, success, success (sigh of relief), …fail


So, four successes and a fail. Meaning, our mission succeeded yet still a spy chose to reveal that a spy was on the mission. It was a cocky play, that’s for sure.

Anyone who’s played much Avalon will, at this point, immediately think that we must have not been clear enough. We must have forgotten to tell our newbie that this mission required two fails. Clem was the spy.

But see, my knowledge of Clem is enough to know that she picks up games well. The rules explanation was solid. Clem didn’t fuck up.

Clem was framed.

We actually had another person we thought was good to swap in, meaning we only needed to get rid of one person on that mission. Out the spy. Of our three uncertainties, I believed Clem’s innocence and said as much. I asked Andy and Lovkush how much Avalon they’d played; about 10 and 20 games, respectively. My hunch being that it took an experienced player to try framing a newbie.

The person I believed to be Merlin suggested pulling off Andy, and not having more than hunches to go on myself, I agreed. So we had our five, and damn it, the mission got voted in – uh-oh.

Now, as you may have guessed, the good guys lost. The framing bastard? Lovkush. Merlin for real? Andy.

Here’s the explanation of why I am kicking myself; in the last round, I had a hunch that was 100% accurate; I would have dropped our most experienced uncertainty, Lovkush, and if I said as much I also would have been assassinated as Merlin! My suspicion of who was Merlin was just a no-info good guy, and if I had trusted my gut I could have been the hero we desperately needed.

Next time I play, I will trust my gut, and accidentally lose it for the team. Just you wait.

This was originally posted on Reddit and BoardGameGeek on 4th Jan, 2016.